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We provide Fast and Easy Email Sorter software to help you sorting email list by their mail exchanger. You are welcome to download and try, We appreciate your feedback.

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Sort Emails By Their Mail Exchange Server Record (MX Record) Very Accurate checks the Mail Exchange Server Record (MX Record) of your email domain to determine the Mail Exchange Server Record (MX Record) and group them in a .txt file on the same folder with Sorter5.

Sorter5 can check for numerous Mail Exchange Server Record(MX Record) such as OVH Outlook Webmail, Mimecast, Office365, Outlook, Hotmail, Ionos, Godaddy, Gmail, Gsuite, Proofpoint, Zimbra, Rackspace, hostinger, Hk-gov, Rzone, Aliyun/Abibaba cloud, Adobe, more Mail Exchange Server Records( MX Records) will be added in coming update.

Sorter5 is simple to use, after downloading the application, run it, and click the 'import list' button, you will notice that it tells you the number of emails on your list, next you click 'Start task' button, sit back and watch Sorter5 sort your emails.
Use the open button to see sorted emails, and save to a desired location.

Customer testimonials:

I am an online wholesaler for baby and children's products. The biggest challenge for me is finding additional retail customers. I found the Skysapa email sorter software by accident. It quickly sorts a mailing list. This software greatly improved the success rate of mail delivery. My business volume increased about 12% since I started email marketing. Thanks
Michael Wood,
Charley Kids Ltd in beautiful Boise Idaho

System requirements:

1) Internet connection
2) XP/Win2000/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10
3) Minimum Hardware Requirement: Intel Pentium 1000 mhz or equivalent powered processor, 256 Mb RAM

ICQ : @Skysapa

Email : [email protected]